I executed two medium sized projects, ran two social media phone launch campaigns from beginning to end, and did all the animation and design for the Motorola + Chicago Cubs partnership.

The 360° Moto Museum (click image to pan)

My first produced idea at Ogilvy was also the first 360 image ever produced by the Ogilvy network and the highest engagement for any social post, EVER, by Motorola. At 200+ layers it was also by far the most complicated image I've ever created.

Art Direction: Andrew Mixter, Chris Serrano, Copywriter: Alex Fox, Sean Decker

The Moto 44th Anniversary Rap

My team had the crazy idea to write and animate a rap about the history of Motorola cell phones.

PRESS & CRITICISM: Mashable, Verge, Gizmodo, Wired, Inquirer
35 tech news sites / blogs

Total global stats:
3.2m video views

Art Direction: Andrew Mixter, Chris Serrano | Copy: Alex Fox, Sean Decker


Other Moto Work:

My partner and I ran the social campaigns for the launch of two phones, and did all the social media for the Motorola + Chicago Cubs partnership. Here is a sample of what I made with little to no budget.

Art Direction: Andrew Mixter | Copy: Sean Decker